Our Dojo – Ronin Honbu

In 2020 (yes, that 2020) Ronin Goju Karate took on a commercial space on the top floor of Deanfield Mill in Morley. Previously used as printers, the space was ideal for us, but needed a lot of work. So just before the Covid-19 lockdown. work began.

So it began, a huge makeover of a space that was supposed to take a few weeks, and it would have done, until someone said “lets take the floating ceiling down – the beams look amazing”.

So 12 weeks in and we had done (well, almost). We had created Ronin Honbu. The headquarters for our karate club and a place to call home. A matted area covering 120 square meters, a bag area with two heavy bags and a Makiwara, a reception area with seating, private toilets and a kitchen. It’s amazing what decorators caulk and 300 liters of paint can do.

Other than the electrics and the gas work – we did it all between us, some help from some of our adult students and some good friends!

The video below shows our progress! It still amazes me that we achieved this!